Christopher John Plendl

Christopher John Plendl, Sergeant Bluff-Luton CSD

Chris Plendl is the Transportation Director for Sergeant Bluff - Luton Community School District. Chris grew up on a farm outside of the community of Kingsley, Iowa. Chris’s mother was a nurse for the school and Chris’s dad farmed along with owning a trucking business.  Chris learned mechanics at an early age helping his father, who also did maintenance work on the local Church buses. Chris rode school buses every day to school. Chris is a retired member of the Iowa Air Guard and active in local government of Sergeant Bluff. Chris worked on the Hinton and Sioux City Iowa Fire Departments along with being a Paramedic. Chris has a passion to be involved. Chris is very active in the Sergeant Bluff - Luton school volunteering to help with all sporting events and fine art concerts.