Robin Pickard

Robin Pickard, Transportation Director at West Des Moines CSD.  My name is Robin Pickard and I am currently the Transportation Director for West Des Moines Schools.  I have worked in several modes of transportation in my 29 years of experience including railroad, air freight, trucking and finally school transportation.  I graduated from Iowa State University Transportation and Logistics program within their College of Business.  Student transportation is interesting and provides me the opportunity to work closely with our drivers, building staff, students and their parents.  No day is ever the same!  I get to work with some of the best people, and we like to have a good time at work! 

As a member of the IPTA board I hope to help shape the future of our industry in this state.  I have never been a person who doesn't have an opinion, so I look forward to having a voice in our industry.  It's always nice to learn from others. If I can be of service to this important group of people and others in school transportation, I would be happy to help.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the IPTA board.