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The mission of the Iowa Pupil Transportation Association is to serve as a resource for school administrators, supervisors, mechanics, drivers and the Iowa Department of Education in the upgrading of Iowa's pupil transportation program. Changes are everywhere in the school bus industry and that is also true here at IPTA.


NASDPTS has a Job Opening for a daily Administrator! click here for details.


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An updated T.E.A.M. is on the members only site. It was updated March 3, 2015.

May 13, 2015 is the Iowa Stop Arm Violation Survey. Contact Max Christensen for more information. phone:515-281-4749 0r email: max.christense@iowa.gov

Check out the 2015 ITPA Conference Agenda by clicking on this link. The Agenda is tentative at this time and may have some changes.

Attendee Registration for the 2015 IPTA Summer Conference can be found by clicking on this link! 

Check out the Technician Training Day, this can be a one day registration on the regular registration application. Click Here for the training day information.



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