Bobbie Finley, Financial Officer

Bobbie Finley, Interstate 35 CSD

I’ve been the Transportation Director/Coordinator for Interstate 35 CSD since January 2011 and was a driver for 9 years prior to being hired as the Director of Transportation.  I also do maintenance on buses. I have 15 drivers and 11 full time routes.  I’m very passionate about my work. Student safety is #1 in my book! I’m a person that likes to think outside of the box when trying to accomplish a goal. We transport 650 students over more than 700 miles of rural roads with a limited amount of funding common to all rural districts.  I started a Bus Stars program in 2012 for students who are transported by bus on a regular basis to help facilitate good behavior on school buses. This program follows the Six (6) Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship and has been a great success. I’m not a sit behind the desk kind of person. I’ve served on the Truro City Council for 2 years, and am an active member of the Truro Betterment Committee for 8 years, and the Truro Fire Department.  I have lived in Truro, Iowa with my husband Rick for 22 years. Together, we have raised 2 sons, Ricky and Johnny, who are both married with children and a daughter, Holly, who’s 13 years old.  My final thought is: We haul the most precious cargo in the world, your child!