IPTA Conference Bus Crash Videos

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The goal was to roll the bus over to show what would happen to the four crash dummies that were not in lap-shoulder seat belts. What we ended up with was a 40 mph head on collision that could occur on any school bus route in Iowa or the nation on any given day. The cabin of the school bus held up very well as they are designed to take a lot of damage.   

However, the precious cargo that was not in lap-shoulder seat belts did not fare as well. Everyone had a chance to look in the windows, and walk though the bus after the crash demonstration to see it first hand. The crash dummies in lap-shoulder seat belts were seated nicely before, during and after the crash. The non-belted crash dummies were on the floor and under the seats.


The video clearly shows the 3 crash dummies disappear from view while being tossed out of their seats and hitting the floor and metal seat supports.  The 2 crash dummies with lap-shoulder seat belts are still in their seats before, during and after the crash demonstration. We believe that this test proved that lap-shoulder seat belts in conjunction with compartmentalization would greatly improve student rider safety.